Capture the Spirit of Ramadan International Photography Exhibition


An unprecedented and inspiring visual celebration of Ramadan around the world, Capture the Spirit of Ramadan currently houses the world’s largest modern collection of beautiful photographs of Islamic art, architecture, spirituality and cultural diversity from over 60 countries. The exhibition was named as one of the Top 7 Photography Exhibitions in 2014 after showcasing in Kuala Lumpur and London and we are proud to be hosting the first Capture the Spirit of Ramadan photography exhibition in the United States here at the IMMC.

Capture the Spirit of Ramadan is a special initiative which visually captures the fusion of the Islamic world with the rest of the world aims to educate and enlighten millions of viewers around the world through the art of photography. It is an international platform for photographers to share their art while spreading a positive image of Islam. The initiative has been recognized and praised by the White House, UNESCO, British Museum, Aga Khan Foundation, British Council and the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia among others for “Bridging Cultures & Inspiring Creativity”.

Founded in 2011 by Dr. Basel Almisshal, an award-winning artist, architect and United Nations Photographic Councilman, Capture the Spirit of Ramadan boasts a prestigious jury panel in its competition known as the International Ramadan Photography Competition (IRPC) including: National Geographics’ award winning photographer of the world’s most recognized photo of the green eyed Afghan girl, Steve McCurry; World Press Photo judge and founder of Asia’s largest photography festival the Chobo Mela, Dr. Shahidul Alam; renowned British Muslim photographer Peter Sanders; White House Special Representative to Muslim communities and Harvard Fellow, Farah Pandith, to name a few.

The photography collection is published in the world’s first and only photography book and magazine on Ramadan by StudioBasel, founder and legal custodian of the initiative, an international creative arts studio dedicated to “the development of contemporary art and design in the Arab and Muslim world by reviving and incorporating Arabic and Islamic design influences and creative elements in modern environments”.


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