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Visit Timbuktu Exhibition

For the first time ever

  • 25 Rare African Manuscripts (of varied subjects)
  • Life in a leather tent of Saharan caravan traders
  • Rise and decline of the great empires of West Africa and their leaders
  • Legendary Sankore Mosque and University
  • Manuscript preservation efforts by hereditary scholars in Timbuktu
  • Methods and tools of manuscript production
  • French colonialism in Mali and the slave trade
  • life in Mali today and the work of generational artisans
  • sketches from the lives of African Muslims enslaved in America
  • Muslim roots of Mississippi blues tradition

Launching on November 28th, 2006 at the Mississippi Arts Center in Jackson, Mississippi. Purchase tickets now

Museum featured in Aramco Magazine


January/February 2006 Issue of the Aramco magazine covers a feature article about the museum

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The astrolabe originated in Greece and was introduced to the Islamic world during the eighth century. Astronomers and mapmakers used it to determine time of day or night and the location of celestial bodies.


"In the last millennium an important global legacy was uncovered—the literate culture of AFRICA!"

This legacy lives in the extraordinary richness of historical manuscripts that still survive.

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